Welcome to WellCamp 19,20 & 21 May 2023

At WellCamp you will have a weekend dedicated to you, to press the pause button and step away to shift your perception and approach to everything you experience and create. 

You will return with a deeper wisdom, renewed perception and a practical plan and tools to continue to thrive and shine in your everyday life. 

With the help of yoga, different healing techniques, sauna, baths, and Shinrin-Yoku (forest baths) we’re gonna turn mundane into magic, learn how to hustle our habits to make you start to recognise the greatness within and learn tools and techniques to bring healing and magnify the light, your light. 

In the safe surroundings of Beckershof Country Estate we explore our strengths, passions, vulnerabilities and reflect over our different lifestyles, the choices we are making and what impact they have on our daily routine and even more important which path we wish to move forward on. 

Beckershof Country Estate

Just 2 hours from Arlanda airport in the mystical forests of Sörmland we host WellCamp in the lake house of Beckershof Country Estate. 

Beckershof is a family owned estate and the lake house is where Daniel Craig and his “007 friends” hang out when they visit Sweden.

Beckershof is situated only 10 metres from the shore of lake Tisnaren which is one of Sweden's cleanest spring lakes. There is a boat at your disposal, of course moored at the jetty. All food is all locally grown and super healthy. Please let us know any preferences or allergies upon registration.

Malin Storm 

Malin is not your ordinary yoga teacher. She loves life and believes it should not be taken too seriously and neither should yoga. She used to live a hectic life in NYC with a “work hard-play hard” attitude, partying all over the world as a brand ambassador for ABSOLUT VODKA. At a young age she had developed an addiction to both drugs and alcohol but finally in 2013 she managed to get clean and sober with help from the 12-step program.

There’s a lot that goes into crafting a life you feel good in, and one of those things is movement. Malin has been practising yoga since 2003, teaching since 2007. 

She believes yoga is for everyone and can be practised anytime and anywhere to meet different needs within ourselves - that is the essence of yoga. It's us in the western world who has predominantly transformed yoga into fitness. What’s important is showing up on the mat in any clothes, mood or shape.

In 2016 Malin founded the YouTube channel MarlingYoga where she has combined the life changing benefits of yoga with the excellent principles of the 12-step program for recovering addicts. Malin works the powers of the program into her yoga work daily on her YouTube channel, at WellCamp you will get the chance to enjoy her teaching and healing in person, during this weekend she will do 4 yoga classes and two workshops.

Sophie Asker 

Sophie is a trained registered nurse and has solid experience in the profession. She has specialised in working with patients with diabetes and playing a crucial role in providing good patient care and promoting self-care management and lifestyle changes for both the patients and their family members. 

After working in a highly pressurised and constantly stressful working environment while simultaneously raising a young family Sophie decided something needed to change. She had always used the forest that surrounded their home at Beckershof for comfort and to recharge so for her it was a natural progression to become a certified shinrin-yoku (forest bath) instructor. Shinrin-yoku is a type of natural therapy that originates from Japan. Today Sophie runs Beckershof Estate which, among other things, offers WellCamps for adults and WildCamps for children among other events.

Book Retreat

We will spend this weekend together exploring the power and shining light of our own. 

Get ready for a stronger, happier, more consistent YOU: This is a small retreat and this time we can unfortunately only offer 15 attendants to join: Total cost: 7 500 sek 

You will get a unique experience, please book at marlingyoga@gmail.com


  • Sunrise Morning Yoga & Meditation 

  • Evening Restorative Yoga & Meditation 

  • Inspirational & Practical Workshops to establish an inspired and thriving self.

  • Welcome Dinner and Farewell Dinner to Close Retreat

  • 2 nights Luxury Accommodation @ Beckershof Country Estate

  • Bedlinen and luxury bathrobe  

  • Delicious Meals: 2 Breakfast, 2 Lunch and 2 Dinner 

  • Shinrin-Yoku classes

  • Therapeutic baths & Sauna

  • Use of the resorts facilities

  • Welcome Healing Kit !